Space Planning

Your premises are a significant asset. They are also a major expense. It is imperative that your assets work for you. That means making effective and efficient use of your available space to balance the needs of sales and production, as well as those of your customers and employees. It can be the difference between success and failure.

Lambert Associates can help you to develop (and implement) a layout that delivers improved efficiency and reduced operational costs, to the delight of customers, employees and - most importantly - you.

Branch Design
The design and layout of a branch is more than a matter of the location of things. It is about the creation of spaces that attracts customers, encourages sales and facilitates operations. Floor layout, lighting, colours, organisation and design all affect customer behaviour, as well as that of employees. Lambert Associates can help you to craft spaces that increase sales and improve efficiency.

Your choice of machinery and equipment - and their placement - directly affect a shop’s workflow and productivity. Lambert Associates can ensure that your production area works for your business. We will provide detailed plans and drawings to help you to achieve industry-leading efficiency and productivity in your space, within your means.